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Snapchat Geofilters communicate the “where and when” of a snap, giving brands an opportunity to engage with consumers in the moment. From an event and location-based marketing perspective, they give brands an opportunity to create shared experiences with consumers as well as another way to activate your sponsorships.

150 Million Users &

6 Billion views per day. 

Our On-Demand Snapchat Geofilter Design Stats


number of views


number of users


number of filters

a few of our happy clients

See an astronomical reach in location-based engagement for your business, event, branded marketing activation or even your next celebration. Geofilters help spread brand awareness and could increase leads and sales based on impressions alone with a budget friendly ROI.

Market your brand, in a snap!

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Maximizing social impressions & engagement launching a product, activating an initiative or premiering an event can be daunting. Make it easy with branded materials that make your purpose pop!

Inspire your audience to act!

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