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K  O  N  T  R  O  L     M  A  G  A  Z  I  N  E

Brand Strategy. Content Strategy. Marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing. Campaign Development

Creative Development. Print Design

Art Direction


What makes a brand, impactful? 

Understanding your purpose and designing with passion.



RK created and curated new brand and design-centric standards for executing new marketing and advertising experiences for Kontrol. Thus, keeping a modern, alluring and forward thinking aesthetic that speaks directly to the readers and consumers.



After launching a new brand initiative complete with redesigned social media concepts and website, Kontrol's Instagram averages a new follower every 10 likes on a post. Thus allowing for nearly 2,000 new followers to the brand every 3 months.



Standing out on shelves full of hundred 

year-old publications is daunting for the thousands 

that hit shelves every month, so when curating this brand 

RK understood a recommitment to design was needed. 

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