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RK Jackson Owner/Creative Curator




Modern branding should be a visual experience, do with well-crafted design.

65% of people are visual learners according to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. The rise of visual social networking mediums make creating optically stimulating marketing stories more important than ever.


When curating for REVEL, we started out with a name. This name had to evoke an emotion we wanted every consumer the products to feel. The name, in all caps, meant to us the strongest form of adoration. An adoration we wanted our fearless consumers to embody and share, daily.

To migrate this story we knew design-centric, stylistic pieces had to become our marketing language. A language that transcended age and color barriers. This language needed to speak through celebrities to their fans and to our consumer base


This type of visual communication we created has grown the Instagram account of REVEL by an average of 280+ new followers a month since the launch of REVEL in October 2013 and garnered an average of 12,000 impressions per post.


Logo & Brand Identity.

Brand Strategy. Content Strategy. 

Marketing Strategy. 

Digital Marketing.

Social Media Marketing. 

Campaign Development.

Creative Development. Print Design.

Creative Direction. Art Direction.

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